Picture of orange fruit tree

Picture of orange fruit tree

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Picture of orange fruit tree in die lente

The Orange Blossom Festival is here, but in the midst of this week's warm, sunny weather, it is just a shadow of the event that was held last week in March when the festival was still in full bloom.

Even if the festival has not reached its peak, you can find orange trees in every park in the county and around every town and city. Here in the valley, the best are trees with blossoms at their lowest point on the calyx.

A big factor behind the lack of orange blossoms is last year's unusual and cold winter. But in spite of the winter freeze, the trees have reached peak bloom and are set to produce more sweet fruit.

The trees are at their peak around Feb. 17, so it's the perfect time to look for trees in the park near you. It will be difficult to find any blossoms while the trees are so full of them.

The trees are hard to see and can be in full blossom, in full fruit or somewhere in between.

There are so many kinds of orange tree in the world and so many varieties of orange, some with the familiar little fruits, others with long, thick-skinned fruit that ripens to orange-tan color.

Even before all the trees are blossoming, the blossoms can be found at most nurseries in the county. They are usually in bloom about Jan. 1 and are just beginning to be fragrant.

It doesn't take long for the trees to set the fruit and the first fruit is usually at the tree's peak of fruiting in April. This year, the best trees have orange fruits, even though the fruit that will be the most commercially popular are those with sweet-and-sour flavor.

Even at peak time, the trees are not as full of blossom and fruit as they were this past weekend and last week. Because of last year's cold winter and mild spring, the trees got off to a slow start.

There will be a bit of a wait before the trees flower. But once they do, they start to flower and fruit at the same time. The trees look like they are blooming on top of a Christmas tree.

The blossoms can be found in nurseries throughout the county. The trees are usually on sale in January or February.

It takes about 2 1/2 years for a tree to mature enough to be sold.

The best way to determine which tree is right for your property is to call the nurseries in the area and ask about the trees. Or, go on the internet and check the nurseries or the U.S. Department of Agriculture's website.

On the website, you can also find out how many trees you can have and what the best season is.

The other thing to check is how far away you live from a power source. The trees that are most popular with consumers live in areas that have power lines nearby.

The trees get a lot of juice from the power lines and will be more likely to produce a high-quality tree. So, keep that in mind when looking for a tree.

The trees can range in size from 3 feet to more than 40 feet tall.

If you want a smaller tree, keep an eye on how long it takes it to mature.

Don't wait too long to pick out the tree. The trees will be more stressed.

The trees will be stressed because you won't be watering them. So, if you wait too long, the trees will have a hard time growing.

Some people also buy trees as Christmas presents. So, the person you buy the tree for might want to find a smaller tree that they can put on their own property.

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